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How to paint and stencil a concrete floor

So I wasn’t loving the color of the concrete in my backyard so I decided to give my patio a boho makeover using  patio paint and a stencil I found on Amazon. I knew this was going to be a big job but worth it once it was all finished. I’m even thinking about painting the pathway up to my front door and just framing the edges with a stencil. when I do…Ill be sure to update this post.


Before you begin painting, you will want to clean and prep the area. I made a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and used a brush to scrub any dirt off. After that I hosed down the area and let it dry. The first coat took about an hour or two to dry. I did two coats of gray paint before stenciling. When doing this project make sure that it isn’t too hot outside or too cold.. that can possibly affect your paint. Concrete paint is thick, so after using the stencil multiple times the paint was starting to build up, luckily i was able to peel the paint right off the stencil. If you are doing a large area I would recomend getting two stencils just in case you need back up. By the time I was almost done, my stencil was covered in like 50 coats of paint and started to tare.  Here is a link for the stencil I found on Amazon. Check out my Pictures and comment if you like 🙂 goodluck!