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How to Create Beautiful masterpieces with Homemade Chalk Paint

Chalk paint gives a rustic or farm house feel to whatever you’re painting. I love it because it is so Easy! I used chalk paint on my kitchen cabinets, dressers and my coffee table, as you see in the pictures.

If you want to paint furniture with ease without having to worry if the paint is even or will scratch or chip, Or maybe you just don’t feel like scrubbing and sanding down a piece of furniture before painting it? Then Chalk paint is for you!

When Chalk paint dries it looks “chalky” so in my opinion using a lighter shade of paint looks the best. As you can see I went with blue and white.When it comes to Chalk paint here are some colors that I recommend

White, light and dark Gray are always a great option. The blue and pinks are adorable for a kids room or nursery.
When using colors like forest green or dark purple I would go with a richer color for a more mauve or matte finish to achieve a vintage look.
You can even sand the corners to enhance the vintage vibes by making your piece look more like an antique and distressed. Adding knobs to your piece really adds character as well.

Chalk paint recipe
1 & 1/2 cups of Paint (I used BEHR paint and primer in one)
1/4 cup hot water
1/2 cup Plaster of Paris
First, Mix 1/2 cup of plaster into 1/4 cup of hot water,
Then let that mixture cool to room temperature.
Last, Stir mixer into 1 & 1/2 cup of your color of choice paint.
Pour into a paint tray and your ready to paint!

Supplies you with need…
1.Choice of Paint color
2.Paint tray
3.Plaster of Paris
4.Creme wax
5.Paint brushes
6.Painters tape-if you are going to leave part(s) unpainted.

Make sure to do two coats of paint. Chalk paint dries quick so after the first coat wait about 30 mins and then proceed with second coat of paint. When your piece is fully dry, leave to dry overnight. The last step will be waxing with Americana Decor Creme wax. Using a fluffy paint brush to paint a thin layer of wax. This will seal and protect your masterpiece! If you feel like taking a different route you could always buy a pre made chalk paint mix.

Annie Sloan is the founder of chalk paint. Before I found out that I could make my own homemade chalk paint, Annie was very inspiring. Her paint is sold on Amazon. A Quart costing $39.99 plus $14.00 for shipping. I’ve also seen Chalk paint sold at Target “Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines” in a variety of gorgeous colors. Costing $32.00 for a Quart $45.00-$47.00 for a gallon.
(Links below for shopping supplies)

Annie Sloan chalk paint on

“Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines” sold at Target

Paint brush

Wax brush


Plaster of Paris