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My Top 5 Destinations to visit in Europe

London, England

Being that I’m half English and my whole family lives in England, I thought I’d share my Top 5 favorite places in Europe. When traveling to London, Buckingham palace is a must see. You can even take a tour of the inside, which is spectacular! Right next to the Queen’s Palace is St. James park, the perfect place for a picnic. London also has a ton of history and museums. My favorite  museum is The Princess Diana exhibit where you can see some of the clothes she wore. Diana’s gorgeous gems and dazzling crowns she wore from back in the day.

Spin around on the London Eye. Don’t worry, it only goes 0.6 miles an hour. Perfect for sign seeing many of Londons Landmarks, like the Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.

London is the fashion capital of the world. Whenever I visit, I shop. I give my cousins a ring or meet friends at the bus stop by Grannys and head into “town” aka the mall.  It is super easy to get around. Mostly by busses and Trains, One of the coolest ways to travel was under water! The channel Tunnel, also known as the Chunnel that takes you to

Paris, France

Bonjour Mademoiselle, The food in France is the best! Some of my favorites are the Crepes, Tea cakes, Pastas, Escargot & Mussels and frites. Just sitting and having a coffee in a french cafe makes you feel fancy.

Paris is where the lovers go.  The Eiffel Tower is a must when visiting Paris. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance. With so many iconic monuments in like the Arc de Triomphe and Galleries Lafayette. You are bound to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Cornwall, England

The Countryside. So peaceful. The land of the Cornish pasty. My family and I rented a house last time we were there. As you can see in the pics, the house was historic looking and elegant. Cornwall is a small quiet town with winding roads. I remember being in the front garden playing cricket with my granny and seeing fields of sheeps and cows in the distance.  While taking a stroll in the gorgeous green neighborhood we spotted a sign on our neighbors gate saying “cage free eggs for sale”. So we knocked on the door and asked for a dozen eggs. Needless to say, breakfast was delicious.

There is a television show my mum watches called Doc Martin that is based in Cornwall. As we were walking into town they were actually filming for the show, my mum loved it. Cornwall’s beaches are beautiful. I love collecting seashells and pebbles.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known for Heineken beer, red light district and space cakes. Theres more to Amsterdam than just that, even though all those things I did do. The women in the windows are actually super stunning. Such a vibrant cultural scene. beautiful streets, and ancient buildings.

The canals rides are breath taking with all the romantic feels. I also love the cobblestone streets and the adorable cafes with tables and chairs outside to sit and have a cup of tea. The Anne France museum is a must. Be sure to buy tickets in advance. The line will be packed.


Liverpool was where The Beatles are from and played most of their gigs when and even before they became famous. The Cavern Club is a bar  This Bar is definitely  worth checking out on a night out, especially if your a Beatles fan. There is a museum in Liverpool “The Beatles Story”.

Whilst staying in Liverpool I stayed at the Adelphi Hotel which is named as the most haunted in the UK by a paranormal expert. The hotel dates back to 1826. They say there is a bell boy that haunts the hotel, complete with cap and uniform. Has been known to pick up visitors luggage before mysteriously disappearing. The ghostly bell boy is thought to be Raymond Brown  who died at 15 years old in a baggage lift in 1961. When I was on the elevators I heard random whistling and could feel someone breathing down my neck. The owner of the hotel has also reported seeing a lady in a victorian style dress in the basement. I love Europe for its history. Thanks for reading.


Keep Calm and Carry On- Granny & Grandad